so vintage market :: part 1

This weekend, we held the very first So Vintage Market here in my {very vintage} house. It went very well! Thank you for your prayers!! It was so, so cool!

We sold lots of stuff, raised money for Parental Care Ministries, and I got to visit with three of the sweetest fellow bloggers and lots of new people too! I have so much to share about it, but first I have to show you all the pre-market pictures! :D

Here’s what it looked like from the street:


And on the inside, we set up the living room and the dining room as the market floor:





I didn’t want to overload you with pics, so definitely more of the story and more pictures coming soon! :D So much fun!


Bonnie said...

Did you have people trying to buy things that weren't for sale -- or would that just have been me? :)

If you do something like this again, I may just have to drive to Tyler and check it out. Glad you did well on it.

Ashley Werner said...

Looks so great! Wish i lived near and could be apart of it! So happy to hear it went well!

Kristin said...

I'd love to see more pictures and hear all about it, too! Can't wait. :-)

Flor @ Life in Progress said...

WOW! everything looks so nice! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about it!

Frances said...

Wow, everything looked so adorable! I love it! ~Frances