Monday, December 12, 2011

10-minute book page ornament

If you’re looking for a quick craft to make this holiday season, these book page ornaments are super fun and easy too!


There have been tons of variations of the paper ball ornament on the internet- and I’ve seen them with music pages and felt too- but did you realize this one has been around for years? A sweet lady from church told me how to make these at the market last weekend, and how her mom and grandmother made them back when they didn’t have money to spend on ornaments after the wars. I love crafts with a history! :D

My favorite part about crafting these ornaments is that you can make them in 10 minutes or less-and your older kids could do them as a Christmas project, or even as a gift for others.


here are the supplies you’ll need:

:: old book ::
:: scissors, needle, thread ::
:: cup ::
:: ribbon ::

here’s what you do:

1. trace lots of circles on your book page
2. cut them out {stack a few to cut out at a time}.
3. fold each circle in half at least twice.
4. thread each folded circle through the top corner.
{here’s what it will look like}

5. thread the ends of your ribbon piece.
6. tie the ends of threads together close to the ornament, unfold each circle, and you’re done!

You don’t even have to use the ribbon- you can tie the thread off long enough to hang it right on the tree. The ball on the left was made with just a few circles, so you could do less if you prefer that look.
Either way, handmade ornaments in 10 minutes or less= my kind of Christmas craft!

I’m linking up at House of Hepworths as part of the blogging around the Christmas tree fun!

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